Broadsheet journalist refused comment on Malia from NUS press officers

A Fleet Street reporter was refused comment on president-elect Malia Bouattia around two hours after her election yesterday.

According to the journalist, who wishes to remain anonymous, they called the NUS press office in Brighton asking for comment on a story on anti-semitism claims around her campaign and was told simply ‘no’.

“Basically I rang for a quote about Malia/Holocaust stories. And they said ‘No’ and hung up. So I said they refused to comment.” said the reporter. “Which I (had) ASKED FOR. Then they said they missed my call. Which is a lie.”

It comes amid the threat of NUS ACTS trade union action after London Student published a sketch articletoday suggesting press officers did not pass on interview requests to Malia in the run-up to the presidential election.

Lewis Cooper, NUS Advocacy and Political Affairs Manager spoke to London Student and a spokesperson for Malia. He said that the story could cause problems with ACTS, who walked out in the middle of conference last year after staff were criticised in a conference speech.




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